Friday, November 24, 2006

Life so far.

Well a fine hello to one and all. Again I will apologise for my long absence, you can all blame orange. But hatred and anger aside, I am here now. I know we talk about important stuff here but I thought I would give you all a quick update on me and then we can continue any other conversation you deem worth while.

I am tow weeks away from being a practicing ambulance man. If that wasn't scarey enough, I am officially qualified to drive with blue lights and sirens now. Officially its from the 11th Dec but my first shift will be the 15th so if I were any of you I would avoid the Putney area for a few weeks.

The picture is of my first ever ambulance (although admittedly a driver training unit, but it still had lights and sirens even if we weren't allowed to use them!). Anyway I am enjoying life in London, going to the fluffy, anything goes church that Jon went to when he was here.

Looking forward to seeing a far few of you soon and I will join the conversation now!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Still Alive!!

Sorrt everyone, I am still alive honest I just don't have world web. Also I now own a bulletproof vest!! Far more exciting than all this nonsense. I will get back on it as soon as I can, hope you are all well. benny

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


From this day forth these are my two methods of transportation. I will be living in London using an oh so cool oyster card and driving a larger version of the van!! Make way everyone, its taken some time but I will finally be a member of the London Ambulance Service. My course starts on the 21st August and I think I'm moving up around the 14th so I will see some of very soon!! Winner.

Monday, May 22, 2006


Just in case you all forgot what he looks like, I found this picture.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Brown Town this Month

Picture: me and Oakes just before hurling ourselves from a plane.

Lost applications, boring jobs, red & black bank accounts, trips, DJing and skydiving. I thought I would do a bit of a diary entry for you all, self centred I know but you might like to hear it.

The postal service did loose my ambulance application, which has wasted a bit of time but I won’t say too much more for fear of reprisals from Jodie. That said, I sent another one off pretty quickly and just heard yesterday that I got short-listed, winner! I hope not all jobs as boring as box office work after 6 years, but answering the same phone calls everyday is getting a little old now. I hope scraping people off the street is more exciting.

I keep doing too many trips which makes my bank account go from black to red to often. However I did do a skydive a couple of days ago which was nice. Jumping out of planes is fun. Not as terrifying as you might think, actually quite calm, I recommend that you all try it.

I am sure you are all well aware that Swansea is about as close to God as one can live whilst here on earth, however, it will no doubt be shocking for you to hear but I am getting quite frustrated. I enjoy spending time with my family but perhaps living with them in a building site is too much. Shift work gives you good time off but if there are few people to spend it with it gets a bit boring. I originally intended only being back for a couple of months, 7-8 months is taking the piss! There is only so much daytime television one man can take.

I have been thinking the last day or so about success and failure. I did a little exercise with some teenagers, thinking about what makes people successful and what makes them failures. I’ve noticed that as I bump into old friends back here, we all seem so obsessed with what the other is doing. I ashamedly have to say I’m still in the same job, still bored, still in Swansea; and I judge them just the same. Do they have a good job, are they satisfied, wealthy, on the ladder, going places? I can’t believe these things are the marks of success, not just because I’m not that, but also because I don’t want that. Surely we are more than what we do, we are successful because of more than our pay-packets.

I’m sure we all agree that character should really be the mark of success. How and why should be more important than what, but why are these things still so important to us? Why do I still judge people so quickly by a standard I would hope people don’t judge me by?

Just some thoughts. I hope everyone is well.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Internet Shopping

This was the first and I expect the last time my parents trust me with the weekly tesco's shop. Got onto the internet being all technological and ordered it all and somehow managed to order 19 bread items!

The full list is as follows:

5x white loafs
2x wholemeal loafs
1x mini loaf
4x mini baguettes
2x packs of 6 naan breads
3x packs of 4 muffins
2x cheesy rolls
2x garlic ciabatta
and a double pack or garlic baguettes

When I came to put the extra bread supplies in the freezer I then also noticed we had plenty of bread already!

On a more seriously annoying note, I found out yesterday that after waiting 4 weeks, my application to the ambulance service got lost in the post! Not too drastic just some wasted time and I have to do it again. What fun.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Drums of War

I read on the BBC website today that Iran has refused again to stop its nuclear research program and the UN seems on the way to imposing some form of sanctions. My question is are we on the path to war again?

I remember after the war in Iraq started the rumour was 'Iraq's next. Syria's next.' Maybe it is. There are plenty of big bad lefty conspiricies, but there is also the dramatic need for our western economies to secure stable oil supplies. Iran is the 4th largest exporter of oil and the new prime minister is certainly no friend of the west. There are many countries with nuclear weapons and nuclear power production, including North Korea who have long been trying to develop their nuclear program whilst the UN attempt to convince them otherwise. It strikes me that we aren't all up in arms about North Korea, at least not the same extent. Is the nuclear issue an ideal excuse for the USA, Britain and the west to again go to war in the Middel East and further its control over oil? Are the drums pounding!?!

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